What’s in a Name?

Before starting this, I read other blogs about blogging a successful blog, really trying to find advice on how to come up with a good name. They all gave good advice, like, “Be creative!” and, “Pick a name that represents you and your blog.” Very insightful! What shocked me more was the number of blogs that only existed to link to list to other blog-naming sites. Dumb. Growing sick of this pursuit, I settled on something dull and obvious.

Two names I did consider until I googled them:

1) Wake up Laughing – I thought this was good since it sounds light-hearted, and shows that I’ll be writing about humorous things. I removed it from the maybe pile when I discovered this:

So there went that idea.

2) Humoronomus Lex – I was trying to think of things to play off of works like, “Humor,” and thought, “Hey, isn’t that a famous guy? This could work.” Turns out, I’m a big nerd. Hieronymus Lex

Anyway the name is picked, written on the foreverscape of the internet. Maybe I’ll go pick a new tattoo. F-it, just give me whatever is on page 12.


Whaddya Think?

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