Jack the Giant Killer

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I watched Jack the Giant Killer this morning. You’re probably thinking of this movie. No, I mean this one. I was blown away. The acting, the writing, the effects, all of it was on the mark. The bad mark. It was bad. I began writing about this movie, and had to stop myself because there was just too much to be said. The plot is magical, the actors are alive, and emotions are present in some scenes. So instead of covering every detail, I’m offering my favorite things about it.

Jack- He’s the main character, right? I thought so too, but about 15 minutes into the movie, he stops saying anything or doing anything. Also, he built a fighting robot that makes an appearance at the very beginning and very end of the movie. Why did he build it? Who knows. Where did he learn how to build it? Who cares. Why did he make it so crappy? Budget issues.

The clothing- Her Majesty’s Army makes an appearance in this feature, but they look like they’re heading off to WW1. Except for their guns, those are AK’s. As an added bonus, the General of the Army says, “Don’t tell me anything I don’t already know.” Solid.

Someone’s Flying Castle – Jack’s dad lives in a magical steampunk castle. It runs on magic, and also coal. Not much coal, but some. Also, Jack doesn’t know how to use a shovel. It sounds weird, but when he shovels coal, it’s like watching a monkey investigating something new thrown into his cage.

If you need to atone for 1 hour and 27 minutes of sin, I suggest watching this.

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