Booze Your Own Adventure: Chapter 1

A few months ago, I decided to write a Choose Your Own Adventure novel for adults, called Booze Your Own Adventure. I’ve mapped out a -lot- of choices, and written several chapters. Why wait for it (if it ever does) get published though? Read the chapter. Vote for the choice you want. Next Sunday, I’ll post the chapter that won!

Now that we have the game, let’s play.

Booze Your Own Adventure

You’re sitting at your kitchen table, neat stacks of paper are lined up, and you’re practicing the presentation you’ll be giving tomorrow morning. This is a big opportunity for you, and you haven’t been taking it lightly. You have all your handouts ready, great slides, and you have your speech down.

You get up to pour yourself another cup of coffee. “I really shouldn’t,” you think to yourself, “I don’t want to be up all night.”

Boo-de-dee! You get a text from one of your best friends. “10 cent drinks @ Pinchester Tavern get your ass down here!!!!!”

You pause and think about your response. On one hand, your presentation is the beginning of a major opportunity at the small company you work for. Your success could bring on multiple clients, and really make the business take off. On the other, you’ve been spending so much time at work lately, your social life has begun to suffer. You miss your friends and really want to blow off some steam.

“Would one drink really be so bad?” you think to yourself.




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