Booze Your Own Adventure: Chapter 3

You turn to your friends, “What should I do?” With the wisdom of cheap alcohol flowing through their veins, a resounding cry for a confrontation rises up. You keep a cooler head, though.

“We had fun together, I just want to say hi.”

You get up and walk over to your ex’s table, feeling a little nervous. How would your attempt at fence mending be taken? Is it even worth the effort?


“Oh, hi.”

“I, uhh… just wanted to say that, I know things were bad at the end, but I guess I just wanted you to know that I hope we can… bury the hatchet or something.

Your ex is visibly stunned, likely expecting a major confrontation or emotional plea.

“Yeah, yeah that’d be cool.”

“Great, well, see ya around.”

You walk back to your table and your friends all lean in, demanding to know what happened. You tell the story and their faces are overcome with a mixture of the disappointment of witnessing a disaster avoided and acknowledgement of the higher road.

“Alright, well that’s something to celebrate,” your friend enthusiastically says, “Shots!”

You feel good about your fence mending, and don’t want to end the party just yet. At the same time, you’ve had a couple of drinks already and don’t want to get carried away.



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