On my ill-ness

My nose runs and my throat tickles,

My brain swims and my eye trickles.


I don’t feel well and I don’t think good.

I want to write a post, but don’t think I could.


I started a story, then had to quit,

my knees shaking as I try not to –


Flit to another idea.


I need to sleep, I need some Zzz’s.

I submit this poem, now if you please…


– Forgive the slant rhyme,

Poor meter,

Bad structure –


Turn of the light as you leave.


3 thoughts on “On my ill-ness

  1. i wish i could make being sick funny. i like it!
    (btw, hello there. i’m new to your blog, i found it through the reader somehow–can’t remember how, actually. thought i’d stop being a creeper and leave a message!)
    hope you’re feeling better


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