FancyDerek is a North Dakota resident, currently trying to scrape out a modest living selling coffee. In his spare time, he fancies himself a real Billy Shakespeare and blogs out of pure vanity. He is married to a rock of a woman, slowly being eroded by an ocean of constant sarcasm, and is responsible for the life of a child that the state will undoubtedly take away soon.

If you’d like to take him down a peg, please do so publicly by leaving a comment, or following him on twitter. You’ve likely noticed the link.

He also suckered a regional magazine, North Dakota Horizons, into paying him to write something. It’s available for order here.

He is trying to put more on his plate than he should in the following ways: He has begun two serial pieces, Perchance, to Dream, a scfi-fi work inspired by a friend that he has yet to fully realize, and Booze Your Own Adventure, a work inspired by kids books and drinking. You’ll also notice in the Tirades section, his opinions on things that don’t matter. There are also Memoirs, which should be obvious.





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